Cloud Infrastructure Management for an Elevated and Secure Future

Why Businesses in Dallas Need Secure Cloud Services

The surge in businesses digitizing operations has driven a sharp rise in demand for cloud infrastructure providers. Businesses in Dallas are quickly realizing the crucial importance of dependable and secure cloud solutions. Whether your focus is on technology or you’re looking to evolve your business, the right cloud infrastructure holds the key to unlocking your potential.


Discover how cloud services can streamline your business and secure its future.

Constant Innovation As Dallas rapidly cements itself as a hub for commerce and innovation, the need for scalable cloud solutions becomes paramount.

Flexibility for growth A sturdy digital foundation isn’t merely an option; it’s a foundational requirement for sustained success.

Embracing technology for optimization Businesses that prioritize technology can streamline operations by taking advantage of the power of tailored cloud services.

Balancing cost and service excellence Switching to the right cloud provider can offer improved services and potentially cost-effective solutions.

Safeguarding business with enhanced security Opting for secure cloud services ensures comprehensive data protection, shielding your business from potential threats.

As the momentum in Dallas accelerates, embracing scalable cloud solutions becomes indispensable. When considering a switch, prioritize not only cost savings but also the assurance of quality and value. Explore how you can strengthen your business with the best cloud infrastructure provider, Zimcom.

Zimcom: The Best Cloud Infrastructure Provider for Dallas Businesses

Zimcom is a premier cloud infrastructure provider that offers competitive cloud hosting solutions coupled with strong data protection. By embracing transparent pricing, adaptable solutions and exceptional customer support, businesses confidently propel themselves forward when partnering with us. With Zimcom, it’s not just about using a cloud service; it’s about building a solid and secure foundation to support your business. Our range of secure cloud solutions includes:

Data Security

Our top-tier data protection is inclusive of 30-day backups and devoid of hidden fees. Beyond backups, our comprehensive enterprise cloud system offers multi-factor authentication, robust defenses, firewalls, security assessments and sophisticated ransomware defenses.

Cloud Backup

Leveraging Veeam’s Cloud Connect, we transform cloud storage into a localized backup without additional licensing fees. It’s efficient, ensuring minimal data transfer while maximizing security through encryption.

Public Cloud

Experience Zimcom’s budget-friendly, high-efficiency cloud hosting, complete with transparent pricing. Get a personal quote about your cloud environment through our user-friendly cloud pricing calculator.

Private Cloud

Elevate security and control with solutions that extend beyond standard data centers. Benefit from secure, scalable and dedicated resources. Achieve compliance, leverage licenses and meet your goals without the burden of traditional data center costs.

Cloud Desktops

Experience seamless accessibility across devices with our pay-as-you-use pricing model, ensuring predictability in monthly IT expenses. This secure and compliant solution enhances operational continuity and prolongs the lifespan of your devices.

Cloud Migration

Seamlessly migrate workloads to a secure hosting environment. Our expertise ensures protected cloud setups, optimizing productivity and alleviating migration-related stress.

Web Hosting

Choose hassle-free web hosting and access best-in-class server tools. We cater to diverse needs, from budget constraints to enhanced security requirements.

Disaster Recovery

Safeguard against the unforeseen with our 5-minute failover, guaranteeing swift cloud recovery during outages. Our solution spans multiple platforms and integrates seamlessly with your cloud infrastructure.

Office 365 Backup

Zimcom, powered by Veeam, offers unparalleled data control, particularly in scenarios like cyberattacks. Our tailored solutions include restore options, ensuring rapid data recovery, compliance adherence and unparalleled flexibility for businesses.

Colocation Services

Entrust your equipment to our always-on data centers in locations like Cincinnati, Ohio, and Dallas. Enjoy round-the-clock access, stellar connectivity and tailor-made options.

Connectivity Services

Count on our stable internet connectivity backed by exceptional redundancy. Our network ensures swift and secure connections, fortified by a robust service level agreement.

Why Zimcom Stands Out Among Cloud Infrastructure Providers in Dallas

Established in 1999, we’ve earned a trusted reputation as a leading cloud infrastructure provider. Our offerings include bulletproof data security, personalized support, transparent pricing, secure cloud hosting and a steadfast 5-minute backup assurance. Our commitment to our clients reaches beyond technology, nurturing shared growth. In fact, we recently won a spot on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, an award won due to the client-first approach we’ve demonstrated over the last 24 years. At Zimcom, we don’t just care about technology, we care about your business.