Cloud Disaster Recovery is Insurance for Your Business

You are not powerless over severe storms, cyberattacks, and accidents instantly destroying critical business data and halting productivity. Disaster recovery solutions act as insurance, protecting business operations and revenue. See how we rapidly deploy disaster recovery solutions to get you back to work. Sign up for a demo of disaster recovery as a service right now and get 30 days of the solution for free.

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Disaster Recovery is Easier and More Affordable Than Ever

Disaster recovery doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or complex. At Zimcom, we work with clients to create an enterprise-grade solution at a price they can afford.

5-minute failover limits costly business-halting downtime

Secured with end-to-end encryption

Replicate to multiple data centers

Customized solution that fits your budget

Maintain compliance

Fulfill cybersecurity insurance requirements

You Lose More Than Data When You Go Without Disaster Recovery

Without access to data and business applications, your employees sit around, spin their wheels, and wait for systems to come back online. Each hour that passes is time you aren’t serving customers, developing new services, or completing projects.

Combined downtime, frustrated customers, and a lengthy recovery process cause over 60% of businesses to close within 1 year of experiencing a disaster.


Disaster Recovery Solutions Costs Less Than Recovering From Disaster

A small business might lose $500 per minute of downtime. For larger organizations, the cost easily balloons into thousands of dollars lost every minute the company is offline.

On top of that, you could have legal bills, a lengthy recovery process, and reputational damage that limits your ability to add and retain clients.

Virtual disaster recovery as a service comes in at a fraction of the cost. Easy to deploy and fully managed for you, disaster recovery is about more than protecting files. It’s about keeping you in business when the unexpected becomes reality