Get Time and Money Back with Zimcom’s Public Cloud

Take advantage of our CloudSurge platform to lower costs, improve security and increase efficiency in your organization.
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What Can Secure Cloud Hosting do for You?

Zimcom’s CloudSurge platform is designed to make moving to and utilizing the cloud easier than ever for businesses. Simple to use with knowledgeable support on hand, you can access workloads for your applications and file servers wherever you go, improving productivity and efficiency across your entire workforce. Highly scalable, you don’t need to overspend on services you don’t need, either. You can adjust the cloud storage to meet your growing or downsizing needs. Only pay for what you use!

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Avoid the Hidden Costs that Come with the “Big 3” Cloud Providers

When it comes time to pay your bill from one of the “Big 3” public cloud providers, will you understand everything on it? They’re full of hidden fees and likely, you’re paying for services you don’t need.
At Zimcom, we provide transparent, no-fluff billing.

Our cloud migration and hosting services are 30-50% more cost-effective and perform better than other solutions.

We offer support for your migration, optimization, and ongoing assistance when you host on CloudSurge – things you don’t get with the “Big 3”.

Spend Less Money and Get More Value with Zimcom

When it comes to CloudSurge, clients can see increases in performance thanks to our use of new-generation blade servers and all-flash performance storage. With 30 days backup as our standard offering, cloud migration assistants and an offsite copy of data for recovery services, businesses can rest assured their data is there when they need it.

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More Freedom for Your Business

With less time worrying about and maintaining internal servers, your company can focus more on what you do best – running and growing your business.

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Built for Performance

Thanks to fast blade servers and all-flash storage, businesses can take advantage of improved performance, productivity and efficiency.

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Pay for What You Use

You don’t have to pay for what you don’t use, and, if your needs change in the future, the service is highly scalable to meet your fluctuating needs.

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Secure by Design

With physical, administrative and technical controls, and a knowledgeable team by your side, you can increase your company’s security posture with Zimcom’s cloud services.

Are the Wrong Cloud Solutions Cutting into Your Efficiency and Profits?

Cloud solutions are not one-size-fits-all. By relying on the wrong cloud services provider, you could be severely hurting your productivity, efficiency and overall bottom line. With aging infrastructure, for example, businesses can face increasing maintenance and repair costs. How much is it costing you to keep those servers up and running? With failing infrastructure, your employees could be seeing significant problems on their end, which in turn, affect how they work and view the company. Is that negative image being passed onto your clients, too?

While the “Big 3” (Google, AWS & Azure) public cloud providers may sound good on paper, they’re full of overpriced services and come with steep hidden costs.

You also won’t be seeing the support, optimization, or migration services you need from the cloud.

Get Peace of Mind with CloudSurge

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Better data protection

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Greater security from ransomware attacks

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Disaster recovery solutions

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More freedom to focus on your business

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Less time managing in-house IT infrastructure

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Experts on hand for ongoing support

3 Steps to Success on the Public Cloud


We start by assessing your current cloud strategy and your business’s needs when it comes to the cloud.


With the assessment in hand, we start strategizing your next steps and identifying the cloud solutions that fill the gaps in your current approach.

Action Plan

We create an action plan that helps your business get from your current state to your future state on the cloud so you can reap the benefits.