Cloud Migration Made Easy

We make migrating to the cloud simple and easy, without disrupting your current IT operations

Secure Your Business Data and Keep Moving Forward

Thanks to our cloud migration services, you can experience secure cloud hosting and migration that is seamless and cost-effective. Not only do we help you identify which workloads you’ll be moving to the cloud, but we’ll also develop a secure cloud environment for your business and employees. Zimcom is with you every step of the way to ensure your data is well protected and to help you minimize downtime.
With our cloud computing infrastructure, you can
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Move to the Cloud with the Best Secure Cloud Hosting Provider in the Midwest

Moving to the cloud can be beneficial to your bottom line, efficiency and overall business – especially when you partner with a cloud migration company that understands your unique needs, wants and challenges. Even in the face of danger, such as natural disasters and ransomware attacks, you can rest assured that the data that keeps your business ticking is well protected in the cloud and able to be called upon right when you need to get back up and running.

Zimcom’s Promise to Our Clients

Cost Effective
Lost data can be expensive, but protecting said data can save you big money in the long run, and we also offer lower-cost packages compared to those bigger cloud companies.
Minimal Disruption
With our approach to cloud migration, you can be confident that disruption to your productivity and efficiency will be minimal during the move.
Improved Security
All businesses can be targeted by cybercriminals, but the cloud delivers another layer of security that can help keep them out and elevate your reputation.
Ongoing Assistance

Our cloud migration services help you improve efficiency, keep you compliant and cut down on data loss – every step of the way.

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Get More for Less with Zimcom

When it comes to the cloud, you’ve likely heard of the “Big 3”: Google, AWS and Azure. But are these really the right route for your company? Consider that many companies have found that

Our solutions cost 30% to 50% less than the Big 3 and we include more for our clients.

We Deliver Better

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Customer support
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Personalized experience
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Increased infrastructure and network flexibility
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Migration assistance

With our toolkits, you’ll also have faith in the security of your company and data as you have storage data encryption, endpoint detection and response, multifactor authentication, ransomware protection, audits and more with Zimcom.

Each of our partnerships is based on trust – you’re just not another number to us or a faceless company. We’re invested in your business, your future and your success.

Is Your Cloud Bill Out of Control?

We’ve seen it before, time and time again, where a company comes to us with their Big 3 bill in hand. The amount is unexpected, usually 2-to-3x higher than what the cloud calculator said before they bought into the service.

Zimcom helps businesses experiencing this by going through their bills item by item, ensuring you only have what you need from a cloud migration service, rather than all the extras that bloat your bill. With our assistance, you could see lower expenses and be confident your business’s needs are being met every step of the way.

Zimcom’s Streamlined Cloud Migration Process

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Identify Workloads

First, we’ll work with you to identify the workloads you’ll be sending to the cloud and ensure they’re all accounted for.

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Secure the Environment

Next, we’ll start building your company a secure cloud environment that meets your needs, wants and budget.

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Replicate Your Data

To keep your business operating as normal without disruption, we start replicating your data to the cloud – discreetly in the background.

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Test the Migration

We want to be sure your business will be able to access the data easily and successfully, so we’ll test the migration before we hand over the keys.

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Finalize the Migration

We’ll schedule the final steps of the cloud migration to cut down on disruption to your business and the impact it has on your productivity.

“I wasn’t sold when I first started talking with Zimcom. I thought they were like any other cloud carrier. Then I saw how it’s built. It’s better and faster than anything I’ve seen.”

– Software Development Company Executive