Secure Private Cloud Infrastructure

Enjoy all the cloud has to offer with added security, privacy and control in a single-tenant solution

Private Cloud Clusters are ideal for organizations that want a single-tenant solution that’s secure, scalable and reliable. With dedicated compute resources and all the network and storage capacity you need, Zimcom’s Private Cloud Infrastructure can help your organization meet industry compliance regulations, leverage enterprise software licensing agreements, and achieve your operational goals without the cost of building out your own datacenter.

Private Cluster - Small

  • 3x Dedicated Blade Servers
  • 72 vCPU Cores
  • 768GB vRAM
  • 3TB All-Flash Storage
  • 20Mb Bandwidth CDR

Private Cluster - Medium

  • 3x Dedicated Blade Servers
  • 108 vCPU Cores
  • 768GB vRAM
  • 5TB All-Flash Storage
  • 20Mb Bandwidth CDR

Private Cluster - Large

  • 3x Dedicated Blade Servers
  • 108 vCPU Cores
  • 1.5TB vRAM
  • 10TB All-Flash Storage
  • 20Mb Bandwidth CDR
img How Our Data Protection Works How Our Data Protection Works

Zimcom's Data Protection is
Better Than the Big Players
AND Costs Less: See How

A public cloud setup is similar to a free cloud account available from the big name providers like Google or Microsoft. You are allotted space on servers in data centers that are used by many other people and organizations. While this helps to keep costs low, it does not provide the peak security and granular control of computing resources required by some businesses.
If you manage a business that needs more than what a public cloud infrastructure can provide, Zimcom’s private cloud offerings are the ideal solution for you. A private cloud infrastructure can be located on your organization’s premises, but not necessarily so. Either way, you will know exactly where your servers are. As the owner, you’ll have complete control over your private setup and need not worry about sharing resources and server space with other entities.

Private Cloud Highlights

Cloud Migration

White-glove assistance to quickly and seamlessly move your workloads

Highly Secure

State-of-the-art Tier 3+ Datacenters built with security and privacy in mind

Regulatory Compliance

Dedicated hardware with maximum control and data privacy

Easy to Manage

Software-defined cloud management platform with built-in provisioning and automation tools

Highly Resilient

Multiple levels of redundancy and failover to keep your critical assets online

Cost Savings

Up to 10X lower total cost of ownership compared to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

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