How to Max Out Your Cloud Migration Benefits

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We have a bit of good news/bad news to deliver. Let’s go with the positive news first – you can start reaping cloud migration benefits with minimal business disruption. Not long ago, you had to set aside a weekend (or more) and ask a few employees to come in on a day off to get […]

Virtualization is different from the cloud


Virtualization and cloud computing can be confusing, especially to business owners who are not familiar with them. But when you understand their differences, you’ll be able to best take advantage of these technologies. Virtualization Imagine a company with five servers, each assigned a single task such as storage, email, etc. If there were a spike […]

Want to know the true value of Cloud services?


You’ve been thinking about signing up for Cloud services. But you’re skeptical, and lingering questions are still bouncing around your mind. Will the Cloud really help my business? Will it increase profits? What is its true value and purpose? If you still have any doubts about this so-called futuristic technology, read on. We’ll clear up […]