Veeam Office 365 Backup FAQ: A Quick Guide for Business Owners

To understand the role Veeam plays for businesses using Office 365, consider this scenario.

You’ve been collaborating with a colleague on a major project. You’re ready to put the finishing touches on a few documents and log into SharePoint to open the files. They’re gone. Search doesn’t bring up anything, anywhere.

The entire project disappeared.

Your colleague is equally clueless. They admit they chased their toddler away from their laptop yesterday – is it possible a few stray clicks from a kid sent the whole project to the virtual trash?

The answer is yes. With Veeam Office 365 backups, you can laugh about the toddler’s tech mishap. After a few clicks, you’re back up and running. Without Veeam, the files could be gone. Forever. You’ll spend a lot of time figuring out if this is the case, then lose even more time trying to recreate whatever you lost.

Which is why you need Veeam. Here’s what else you should know about this backup solution.

Veeam Office 365 Backup FAQ: 10 Business Owner Questions

1. What is Veeam Backup for Office 365?

Veeam is an industry-leading backup solution for Office 365.

Veeam protects access to Office 365 data including:

  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive Online
  • SharePoint Online

Restore what you want, when you need it

Veeam Office 365 backups are flexible and granular. Let’s say an employee accidentally, permanently deletes a file. Or you need to quickly find a deleted email during an audit. With Veeam, it will be easy to search, find what you’re looking for, and restore the information.

2. What can go wrong if a business doesn’t have Office 365 cloud backup solutions?

When you don’t backup Office 365, you’re constantly exposed to risk of data loss and open the door to legal and compliance headaches.

Cybertheft isn’t the only cause of data loss

You might associate data loss with hackers stealing your information and holding it for ransom. Accidental deletion by one of your employees is more common and just as damaging. Or, the data could be overwritten.

You can’t guess why or how data will become unavailable. The only way to retain control over access is to have the right backup solution in place.

Backups are about more than restoring files

Your solution should also eliminate retention policy gaps and meet legal requirements. Veeam does both. Use it to satisfy long-term retention policies. Any time you need to find information for legal or compliance reasons, the powerful eDiscovery search function will make it easy to find the exact document, email, or chat.

3. Doesn’t Microsoft backup Office 365 for me?

No. Microsoft replicates your data. This is not the same as a backup. To emphasize this point, there’s even a line in Microsoft’s Service Level Agreement that clearly states you’re responsible for using a third-party backup solution.

An Expert Analyst Calls Relying on Microsoft “Risky”

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4. I have OneDrive, do I really need an Office 365 backup solution?

You may now be wondering why Microsoft says you can backup files to OneDrive. It’s true, you can configure your PC files so they’re backed up to OneDrive. That’s not the same as having a solution protecting all the files and data in your Office 365 suite.

Plus, if OneDrive goes down, you have no recourse.

5. Will I be able to restore Office 365 with Veeam?

Veeam provides a comprehensive Office 365 backup solution that’s easily tailored to your business. There are 40+ ways to restore your Office 365 data including:

  • Entire SharePoint sites
  • Email mailboxes and messages
  • Individual documents and files
  • All Microsoft Teams data, including channels

6. Is the backup stored in the cloud or on-premise?

You can backup Office 365 to an on-premise server or the cloud. When you partner with us for your Microsoft 365 backup solution, we’ll help you figure out which option is best for your business.

7. Who uses Veeam backup for Office 365?

Veeam works for everyone from small and medium-sized businesses to global enterprises. 82% of Fortune 500 companies trust Veeam as their backup solution. Along with Microsoft, more than 70,000 hardware, software and service providers have chosen to partner with Veeam.

8. Is Veeam secure?

Yes. Your backups are protected using cybersecurity best practices, including multifactor authentication and encryption.

On-premise security tip

Don’t forget about physical security if you’re using an on-premise server to store your data. Here’s how we keep our data centers in Detroit, Cincinnati and Dallas safe.

9. Are backup solutions the same as disaster recovery?

Backups are a critical component of disaster recovery. They are not the entire solution.

Disaster recovery is a comprehensive plan covering everything from data backups to who in the office is responsible for communicating with clients about the incident. If you want to know more, this article outlines the elements of a good disaster recovery plan.

10. How do I get started?

Call us. Since 1999, we’ve provided cloud and datacenter services to businesses throughout the Midwest. Our clients trust us because they know we’re:

  • Upfront about everything – including pricing
  • Interested in business partnerships, not transactions
  • Listening and responding to their needs
  • Accountable

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