Zimcom: Detroit's Top Cloud Infrastructure Provider

Why Businesses in Detroit Need Secure Cloud Services

Businesses across Detroit are experiencing an uptick in demand for secure cloud solutions as they continue to digitize operations. A robust digital infrastructure isn’t just nice to have – it’s essential. If you’re tech-focused or want to evolve your business, a strong cloud infrastructure is the key. Here’s how the right cloud services can positively impact your business.

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Growth Support Detroit’s rapid development as a commerce and innovation hub demands scalable cloud solutions.

Flexible Infrastructure A robust digital foundation is crucial, not just an added advantage for businesses that need to scale up or down.

Tech Prioritization Businesses with a tech-driven focus can optimize operations with the right cloud services.

Cost and Service Satisfaction Switching cloud providers can lead to better service and potentially more cost-effective solutions. See how Zimcom compares to the “Big 3” public cloud providers.

Enhanced Security Secure cloud services ensure data protection, safeguarding businesses against potential threats.

When you use cloud services from big names like Microsoft, Amazon or Google, your business becomes one of the many they serve. Even though they’re well-known, they can’t give every customer individual attention, like detailed meetings, immediate support or help with planning.

With Zimcom, you get the best of both worlds. We combine the know-how of these big companies with a personalized touch to make things run smoothly for your business. When you choose us, you get a safe and reliable cloud setup, either public or private. Our costs are straightforward, and there’s always a specialist ready to help. No more wasting time on confusing bills or tech issues. We set things up right from the start, so you can make the most of what the cloud offers for your business.

Secure Cloud Solutions for Businesses in Detroit

Zimcom leads the way among cloud infrastructure providers in Detroit, Michigan. We offer competitive cloud hosting solutions and robust data protection. Featuring transparent pricing, adaptive solutions and exceptional support, Detroit enterprises can advance confidently. With Zimcom, prioritize your business growth while we focus on technology. Explore our wide range of premier cloud solutions.

Public Cloud  

Zimcom offers cost-effective, transparent and high-performance cloud hosting. Enter a few details about your cloud environment into our cloud pricing calculator and receive a personalized quote from our experts.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Clusters are perfect for businesses looking for a dedicated and secure solution that can grow with their needs. With Zimcom’s Private Cloud setup, you get your own computing power and all the networking and storage space you require. This means you can meet industry safety standards, use your big-business software licenses and reach your work objectives. Plus, you get all these benefits without the expense of creating your own data center.

Cloud Desktops

Access your data anytime, anywhere, on any device. Benefit from our straightforward pay-as-you-use pricing for predictable monthly IT costs. It guarantees security and meets industry standards. Plus, our service boosts operational continuity and extends your PC’s lifespan.

Cloud Migration

With Zimcom’s cloud migration services, experience a seamless transition to the cloud. We guide workload transfers and ensure a protected cloud setup, boosting productivity and reducing stress.

Web Hosting

Choose Zimcom for hassle-free web hosting and best-in-class server tools. We cater to all needs, from budget to enhanced security.

Disaster Recovery
Guard against unforeseen events. Our 5-minute failover ensures quick cloud recovery during outages, replicating data and safeguarding systems. It’s versatile for multiple platforms and integrates with our cloud seamlessly.
Cloud Backup
With Veeam’s Cloud Connect, we treat cloud storage like local backups, no extra licensing is required. It’s efficient, uses minimal data transfer and is maximally secure – encrypted always.
Office 365 Backup
Veeam’s Microsoft 365 backups, powered by Zimcom, provide unparalleled data control, especially in unexpected situations like cyberattacks. Microsoft doesn’t inherently back up your 365 data, leaving a gap in protection. Zimcom bridges this, offering tailored backup solutions using Veeam’s 40 restore options. This ensures rapid data recovery, compliance satisfaction and immense flexibility for businesses.
Data Security
Benefit from top-tier data protection, 30-day backups and no hidden fees. Not just limited to backups and data security, our all-encompassing enterprise cloud system includes multi-factor authentication, robust defenses, firewalls, security assessments and sophisticated defenses against ransomware. This makes us an economical and sturdy choice compared to bigger industry names.
Colocation Services
Secure equipment in our always-on data centers, available in locations like Cincinnati and Dallas. Enjoy 24/7 access, great connectivity and tailored options.
Connectivity Services
With Zimcom, experience stable internet, boasting top redundancy. Our network offers swift, guarded connectivity supported by a strong SLA.

Why Choose Zimcom Among Cloud Infrastructure Providers in Detroit?

Zimcom has been a trusted name among internet solutions and cloud infrastructure providers in Detroit, Michigan since 1999. We not only offer top-tier data security but also personalized support, transparent pricing, consistent invoicing, secure cloud hosting and an unwavering 5-minute backup promise. Our commitment extends beyond mere technology, it’s about fostering mutual growth. With Zimcom, it’s not just about tech – it’s about growing together. Choose us, and let’s succeed as a team. Your success is our partnership.