4 Business Headaches You’ll Avoid with Disaster Recovery Services

From phishing attempts to natural disasters, your business faces quite a few threats when it comes to your daily operations. They can wipe out data, cause you to have to pause operations, and could severely impact your organization’s future. However, disaster recovery services could help you sleep better at night even in the face of these threats.

Avoid Business Headaches with Disaster Recovery Services

Failing to have a disaster recovery plan means you’re taking a risk. While nothing may have happened to your business yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. No organization is safe from cyberthreats or even natural disasters. Snowstorms, ransomware and hurricanes can all put a stop to your business if you don’t have a strategy for your data. You don’t want to take that chance and wish you had done something after the fact.

Here are just some of the headaches you could experience if you are hit with a cyberthreat or natural disaster and don’t have disaster recovery services in place.

1.     Significant Downtime

One of the biggest headaches your business will have to deal with in the event of a breach or similar problem is the significant downtime. If your critical business systems are affected or being held for ransom, it could be days or weeks before you’re able to get back online, if at all.

And downtime costs pile up. The cost of a data breach averages over $4 million. For small businesses, that is a huge chunk of change. If you’re curious about how much downtime would affect your organization and just how long it would take you to get back on track, use our Recovery Time Calculator.


2.     Lost Data

If your data isn’t backed up at all, you could have a hard time restoring it. This can affect critical operations data, but also customer information, employee details, marketing resources and more. All of this information affects how successful your business is and losing it could put a damper on your operations until you’re able to recover.

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3.     Damaged Reputation

If you’re subject to a data breach or natural disaster and can’t operate properly, you have to notify your partners as well as your customers and clients. You’ll have to explain why you are unable to work with them, and if customer data was affected, they must be informed.

All of this can affect how customers and partners alike see your organization. You could lose out on massive profits if your clients decide you aren’t reliable and go to the competition.

4.     Business Collapse

If the data loss is serious enough, you may end up losing your entire business. Many small businesses cannot come back from a data breach, especially if critical operations were affected, due to the sheer cost. This worry, especially as you’re trying to get your systems back online, can take an emotional toll. And if the worry becomes a reality, you may lose out on your life’s work.

Disaster Recovery Services Can Save Your Business

Disaster recovery services are essential for small and large businesses alike. Not only do they help you protect your data in a secure location, they ensure that if a human error, problem or natural disaster arises, you can recover quickly and get back to your work without a significant penalty to your organization. 

Zimcom Can Help with Cloud Backup Services

Choosing the right backup services doesn’t have to be difficult. Zimcom helps businesses like yours select the best disaster recovery options for your needs and assists you in getting back online quickly if the worst should happen. Working with us allows you to experience much less downtime, lost data and loss of profits.

Our hosted customers have seen recovery in minutes! And our offsite customers have been able to get back to work in a day. Even if you’ve gone without disaster recovery services for years, it’s never too soon to get started.

One client of ours was hit with a ransomware attack while backing up their data with us for the first time. As a result, the information they had already replicated wasn’t affected, and we were able to fast-track the remaining migration and recovery to get them back online with minimal downtime. If they had waited just a couple of days to make the decision about disaster recovery, it could have ended very differently for them.

With affordable solutions, you can start taking advantage of disaster recovery services with us today. Don’t wait for something to happen – switching over now could save you from headaches, lost customers or even the loss of your business.

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