What to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider

What to consider when choosing a cloud provider can be summed up in 1 word: trust.

But a lot goes into determining who you can trust. Your critical operations are in the cloud – your business is grounded if your cloud environment is not up and running.

Make the right choice for your cloud solution provider and for your business with this checklist.

Choosing a Cloud Provider: 8 Key Trust Factors

1. Partner, not just a transactional cloud solution provider

The brand names behind the “Big 3” providers (Amazon, Google and Microsoft) lend instant credibility. While you can trust their public cloud solutions, you cannot rely on them to be there for ongoing support.

When you purchase cloud solutions directly from Amazon, Google or Microsoft it’s transactional. You’re just another entry in a long list of clients.

It’s not that people at the Big 3 don’t care.

They have thousands of clients. Even if it was part of their business model, it’s not possible to establish personal relationships with each business that signs up for cloud services.

Providers like Zimcom plug this gap

We offer relationship-based cloud services from a trustworthy team of experts.


2. Enterprise-level cloud support from a team of experts

The Big 3 don’t offer personalized support, but don’t let the pendulum swing the other way. While it’s easy to establish relationships with a solo IT person, there’s more to trust than strong personal relationships. You have to know they can offer comprehensive support.

Cloud environments are too complex for a single person to manage

Maintenance is also a distraction for your internal team, who may not have specialized cloud knowledge. It’s better to work with a cloud services provider who manages business cloud solutions every day. When you have a team of experts on your side, you’ll never have to wonder:

  • How quickly will my servers failover when disaster strikes?
  • Will my servers failover?
  • Do I have sufficient data backups?
  • How deep is their security expertise – am I really secure?
  • What happens if the power goes out?
  • Does my disaster recovery plan cover everything?

3. Their resources become your advantages

You saw above how an expert team acts as a new resource for your business. But that’s not the only way a trustworthy partner adds to your business.

You could also take advantage of other solutions, like colocation services and get a world-class data center at an affordable price point.

Security should be baked in to every provider’s solution, so you don’t have to worry about vetting and implementing additional safeguards on your own.

4. No hidden fees, ever

Opening the bill from your cloud provider might call to mind that scene in Friends where Rachel opens her first paycheck and asks, “Who’s FICA? Why’s he getting all my money?”

Like Rachel and FICA, you’re left puzzling over the technical jargon, acronyms and unexpected fees from your provider (this is a prominent problem for businesses using the Big 3 for public cloud solutions).

Our clients know costs upfront

We’re business leaders too, and like you, want a predictable budget. Every organization we work with knows exactly what their monthly services include and the cost before signing a contract.

There’s enough sticker shock in your life

Get Stable Cloud Services and Costs from Zimcom

5. Cloud migration strategy minimizes business interruptions

Seasoned cloud migration service providers get you to the cloud without causing significant downtime. You can leave the office on Friday afternoon and by the time you walk in Monday morning, you’re in the cloud.

A complex environment may take a few extra days

Your provider should clearly explain this to you when you review the timeline. If you have a simple migration but a lengthy timeline, ask why. There could be a legitimate reason, but if you don’t get a clear answer, you may want to consider other providers.

6. You sidestep common pitfalls

The cloud can streamline operations and find efficiencies, but it’s not an automatic win. Businesses easily fall into the trap of overspending or don’t efficiently scale resources which racks up extra costs.

A true partner steers you past these pitfalls.

Everything from licensing to security is properly configured from Day 1 and constantly monitored without you having to think about it.

7. Cloud network security that you and your organization deserve

Data protection is about more than files. Imagine firing up your computer at the start of the day and discovering you can’t access emails, client projects no longer exist, and invoices have disappeared. With secure cloud hosting, you don’t have to worry anymore about missing files.

Take your pick for why the files are gone – cyberattack, accidental deletion, freak accident. Whatever the reason, it’s a situation you do not want and can avoid with:

  • Consistent and reliable backups
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning
  • Top-notch security for your cloud environment and/or data centers

8. Freedom from technology

The list of freedoms you gain from the right partner is extensive. Here are a few of our favorite ways we help clients take technology off their to-do list:

  • Cloud solutions or colocation services liberate you from managing physical servers that require heating, cooling, storing, maintenance and security.
  • Security-focused providers eliminate common cyber gaps hackers manipulate to launch attacks.
  • Responsive and accountable experts free you from searching for answers or DIY-ing fixes for cloud problems – you just call when you need them.
  • Solid backups remove concerns about accidental file deletion and satisfy compliance requirements.

Achieve More for Your Business with Zimcom

Big box public cloud providers are not a fit for everyone. If you want to pair a highly secure cloud environment with personalized service from a trustworthy partner, let’s talk. We’re here to advance you and your organization – not just take from you.

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