Backup as a Service and the Essential Role MSPs Play

Your customers look to you for flexible and reliable backup, replication, and recovery of ALL their applications and data. Customers are increasingly looking to get out of the business of backup, and today’s landscape for backup and recovery services demands more from providers.

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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) spend a significant portion of their time on break/fix activities – but backup shouldn’t be one of them. Your Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) offering should be built on a solution that is simple and reliable, freeing you to focus on the value-added services your customer’s demand. No matter how cost competitive you are, delivering on the promises established with your customers is second-to-none when it comes to their MSP experience.

This is where Zimcom’s simple and reliable, multi-tenant backup solution comes into play.

Top 5 Reasons for MSPs to Embrace a Multi-Tenant Backup Solutions

Adopting resilient backup solutions is not just an option; it is a necessity for MSPs for several compelling reasons.

1. To Safeguard Your Clients’ Valuable Data

There are more threats to data than ever, so this is naturally top of mind. Ransomware is relentless, so your protection needs to be prepared. As an MSP, integrating a multi-tenant backup solution becomes paramount, ensuring the security and recoverability of your clients’ data. This commitment establishes you as a trusted partner on their digital journey, fostering a relationship built on reliability and resilience.

2. Navigating the Complex Landscape of Compliance

The intricacies of compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, CCPA, and SOX pose a multifaceted challenge. Zimcom’s backup solution serves as a robust answer to this complexity by providing a dependable system aligned with regulatory requirements. This not only ensures compliance but also delivers peace of mind, both for you as the MSP and for your clients who entrust you with their sensitive data.

3. Mitigating Data Breaches Through Effective Disaster Recovery

The repercussions of data breaches extend far beyond the immediate financial impact, affecting your clients’ reputations and overall business health. Zimcom’s backup solution excels not only in efficient data recovery but also in bolstering disaster recovery capabilities. By minimizing the impact of potential breaches, this solution becomes an indispensable asset in preserving your clients’ financial stability and reputational integrity.

4. Opportunity to Differentiate Your MSP Services

In a competitive industry saturated with service providers, standing out requires more than just offering routine services. Robust data protection emerges as a distinctive factor for MSPs seeking to differentiate themselves. Zimcom’s backup solution empowers you to cater to your clients’ evolving technology needs, positioning your MSP business as a forward-thinking and innovative partner, ultimately setting you apart from the competition.

5. Fortifying Profitability and Building Long-Term Relationships

Completing your MSP suite with a straightforward backup solution isn’t just about profitability; it’s about strengthening the bonds with your clients. By offering regular backup subscriptions and increasing monthly recurring revenue (MRR), you not only enhance your financial standing but also solidify your role as a long-term partner invested in the success and security of your clients’ businesses. This dual focus on profitability and relationship-building becomes the cornerstone of sustainable growth in the competitive MSP landscape.

The Zimcom Data Security Difference

Since the turn of the 21st century, Zimcom has been a premier IT services provider for the Midwest, one that focuses on leading-edge technology solutions and superior customer service. That is only one of the many reasons to consider Zimcom as your backup solution provider of choice.

Veeam: Zimcom’s Secret Weapon

At the heart of Zimcom’s success stands Veeam, a strategic ally that propels Zimcom to the forefront of managed backup solutions. As the industry’s undisputed leading backup and recovery solution, Veeam brings a proven and robust platform to the table, aligning seamlessly with the highest standards of data protection With over 133,000 businesses globally relying on Veeam, its widespread adoption speaks volumes about its effectiveness and reliability, making it a triple threat – fast, user-friendly, and affordable.

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Intuitive Control and Seamless Supervision

Zimcom revolutionizes backup management with an intuitive control hub, featuring a user-friendly portal that simplifies overseeing customer backups. This ensures effortless control over data protection, providing you with an intuitive platform to navigate and manage your clients’ critical information.

Operational Excellence Through Veeam Integration

Efficiency becomes paramount as Zimcom’s solution seamlessly integrates with the Veeam Service Provider Console. This consolidation of reporting, licensing, and billing processes offers a comprehensive view of backup services, streamlining operations for a more efficient and centralized management experience.

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Smooth Workflow with API Integration

Zimcom’s commitment to a disruption-free transition is evident through harmonious API integration into your existing tools and software. This guarantees a seamless workflow, allowing you to capitalize on the advantages of Zimcom’s solution without compromising the integrity of your established systems.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your MSP Game?

The key to standing out in a sea of MSPs requires offering comprehensive and reliable services to your clients. Zimcom’s backup solution not only addresses the critical need for data protection but also provides a seamless and efficient platform for MSPs to elevate their game. Increase your revenue, secure your customers’ data, and position yourself as a top-tier MSP by partnering with Zimcom. If you’re ready to learn more, we’re ready to chat!