Dial-Up Modems to Secured Cloud Hosting: 25 Years of Tech Evolution 

Party like it’s 1999

Zimcom turns 25 this year. Which means we have been providing secure cloud hosting, backup as a service, disaster recovery, and cloud migration support for a quarter of a century. To put this in context from a technology perspective, when we started in 1999: 

  • Floppy disks were the premier storage unit of the day. 
  • Remote work involved the use of a landline. 
  • Defraggin’ your hard drive was a thing. 

While this monumental silver anniversary is a major milestone for any company, before we celebrate by partying like it’s 1999, we decided to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on a quarter century of serving as the Midwest’s leading cloud infrastructure provider. Here is a list of 25 ways (one for each year that we have been in business) that we have helped our customers throughout the past two and a half decades. 

Providing Disaster Recovery Services 

When disaster strikes, Zimcom is there. 

#1 Helped restore mission critical systems at the most vulnerable times. 

#2 This helped not only to restore data through cloud backups, but made huge gains in restoring customer trust. 

#3 Guided managed service provider (MSP) clients to get their local server online and data restored – preventing any revenue loss or decreased productivity.  

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Serving as a True Partner in Business Growth 

Using an experienced provider, like Zimcom, can be a gamechanger when it comes to business growth. 

#4 Helped grow one customer’s revenue by 10x – accommodating business growth and adapting to change. 

#5 Empowered a client to focus on what they do best (their software) and leave the tech details to Zimcom.  

#6 From zero to hero: helped one customer move from on-premise to cloud-based with over 10,000 users. 

Data Protection 

With cyberattacks increasing and evolving at an alarming rate, our clients can rest easy, knowing we have their data protected. 

#7 While seeding data for backup or cloud migration, a customer experienced a security/ransomware incident – we quickly migrated them to the cloud and they were able to avoid paying costly ransomware fees. 

#8 Not only did this client save in ransomware fees, they were able to preserve their reputation and avoid damaging their customer relationships. 

#9 Through our robust data protection measures, we empower our clients not only to withstand the challenges posed by cyberattacks but to emerge stronger, with their reputation intact and customer relationships preserved. 

Support Through an Acquisition 

Mergers and acquisitions (M & A) are a complicated process with many moving parts. Having the right secure cloud-hosting services partner, like Zimcom, can be a lifeline for organizations going through a merger. 

#10 Zimcom’s expertise expedites the pace at which our clients can engage in M & A activities. 

#11 By streamlining IT processes, ensuring data integrity, and implementing efficient solutions, we empower organizations to navigate M & A more swiftly. 

#12 This acceleration not only saves time but also enhances the agility of our clients in responding to market opportunities. 

#13 By bringing acquired entities into the Zimcom cloud through a standardized approach, we facilitate a smoother integration process, which not only reduces the complexities associated with diverse cloud infrastructures but also accelerates the assimilation of acquired businesses into the client’s operational fold. 

MSP-Specific Support 

MSPs have a complicated business model due to the multifaceted nature of the services they provide and the challenges they address. With the support of an IT partner like Zimcom, MSPs can thrive by focusing on their core business. 

#14 Helped MSPs transition their customers from on-premise to a private cloud solution. 

#15 Improved the MSPs’ ability to grow revenue through a reduction in field work the MSPs were previously performing due to the migration of the MSPs’ clients to the cloud. 

#16 Empowered MSPs to reallocate resources for other business growth initiatives. 

#17 Helped MSPs grow revenue through simplifying their backup and disaster recovery applications.  

#18 Helped MSPs grow their business to scale. 

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Your Integration Specialists 

During one particularly challenging implementation, Zimcom stepped in to help the client get their software ducks in a row and saved them from abandoning the new software altogether by: 

#19 Moving hosted cloud infrastructure to Zimcom, and … 

#20 Solidifying the cloud architecture, and … 

#21 Resolving the server and software instability problems. Problem solved and a long-standing customer relationship remained intact. 

Grace Under Pressure 

A recent project in which we helped a service provider migrate 100 virtual machines (VMs) under a tight 60-day deadline also provided significant “wins” fodder: 

#22 Meeting the tight deadline (actually exceeding it, in 45 days) demonstrates that client success is at the forefront of our priorities. 

#23 The successful and expedited migration underscores our project management prowess. 

#24 Successfully migrating 100 VMs highlights our team’s proficiency in handling complex data center transitions and reinforces our position as a reliable partner in managing critical IT projects. 

Finishing Strong 

Even when challenges present themselves, as they often do in life, Zimcom has drawn on our 25 years of experience to navigate through uncertainties and emerge stronger on the other side. Our commitment to excellence, honed over a quarter century, empowers us to tackle challenges head-on, adapting and innovating with the resilience that only experience can cultivate.  

In a recent collaboration with an MSP client, Zimcom faced challenges during a migration project, prompting frustration on both ends due to its duration. In light of this, the client requested referrals. Interestingly, Zimcom’s response became a testament to our positive impact. 

#25 As we shared referrals amidst the ongoing migration, the referrals overwhelmingly highlighted Zimcom’s sterling reputation, broad expertise, and effective resolutions – painting a vivid picture of Zimcom’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. 

Thank You for 25 Years of Success 

25 is a true milestone. We are so grateful for the clients who have supported us through two and a half decades of technological change and growth, and we look forward to continuing to work together for the next 25 years.