Managed Private Cloud Power – Making Informed Cloud Choices

Cloud adoption is complex. Should you go with a public cloud or a managed private cloud or both? Organizations need critical applications and data to be readily available, supported by cloud and data protection solutions that address performance, management, pricing, and mobility requirements. The seamless movement of workloads across multiple clouds, without any hindrances or disruptions, is a critical imperative. Before determining your next step, a comprehensive evaluation – noting the benefits of both private and public cloud – ensures that cloud services meet current and future needs efficiently and securely, safeguarding against network threats and vulnerabilities.

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Clearing up the Differences Between Public and Private Cloud

These two infrastructures are often compared using an analogy: Think of the public cloud as renting an apartment and the private cloud as renting a similarly sized house. With a public cloud setup, like those free cloud accounts from big players like Google and Microsoft, you’re essentially getting space on shared servers in data centers. It’s user-friendly and budget-friendly, but it might not cut it for businesses with strict security and precise resource control requirements.

Now, when it comes to private cloud clusters, they take the traditional infrastructure and offer it without the hassle of maintaining an on-site data center. They provide dedicated computing resources, a robust network, and ample storage capacity. This setup helps organizations comply with industry standards, take advantage of enterprise software licensing agreements, and achieve their operational goals.

Form vs. Function

The public cloud is like a comfy couch in the world of IT. It’s the go-to spot for organizations, big and small, because it’s just so darn convenient. You can stretch it to fit your needs thanks to its flexibility and scalability. And the best part? No need to break the bank with up-front investments – it’s all on a subscription basis. That means you can leave the IT headaches to the cloud vendor and focus on what you do best.

Of course, every comfy couch has a few lumps. In the case of the public cloud, keeping tabs on costs can be a bit tricky for large enterprises. And it may not be the best choice for highly regulated industries with exceedingly confidential or sensitive information. But if you’re looking for convenience and flexibility, the public cloud is where it’s at.

When you are handling mission-critical data, you might want the extra assurance of the private cloud. It’s your own exclusive playground, where you have more control and visibility into the infrastructure. You can lock the door and keep your data safe from prying eyes.

Sure, the costs are different, but think of it as investing in a high-end, secure safe for your valuables. It’s worth it when you need that extra layer of protection. In some cases where companies have a lot of servers or data, private cloud could even be MORE cost-effective than public cloud offering. So, whether it’s sensitive data, compliance needs, large infrastructure requirements or just that peace of mind, the private cloud is your secure, comfortable hideaway in the cloud world.

7 Essentials To Protect Your Business

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Private Cloud Benefits – Why It’s a Standout Choice

There is no need to pit the two infrastructures against each other, rather it’s about accessing your needs and determining the right solution for your business. If you manage a business that needs more than what a public cloud infrastructure can provide, Zimcom’s private cloud offerings are the ideal solution for you.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of a private cloud:


As the name suggests, the private cloud is exclusively dedicated to a single tenant, affording them total control over the cloud environment without sharing it with others.


The private cloud offers heightened levels of control, privacy, and security, through the user’s tailored and comprehensive cloud security strategy.


Organizations possess full control over their cloud environment, enabling them to tailor their network to align with their business requirements or adhere to regulatory standards.


Since the private cloud is not a shared resource, most users benefit from higher performance.


As your infrastructure changes based on business needs, a private cloud can keep up with it without an issue.

Cost Savings

Up to 10X lower total cost of ownership compared to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Determining What’s Best for Your Business

Achieve more for your business with Zimcom, a managed private cloud provider that understands big box public cloud providers aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Trust is paramount when choosing a secure cloud solution because your critical operations rely on a stable cloud environment. If you’re looking for a highly secure cloud environment coupled with personalized service from a trustworthy partner, let’s talk.

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