What is Zerto? A Quick Guide to a Premier Disaster Recovery Solution

Businesses everywhere, large and small, all share the same priority (besides making money): safeguarding data and ensuring its availability during unexpected crises. Enter Zerto disaster recovery, a proven solution that is well-respected in the world of business continuity and disaster preparedness. But what is Zerto, and why is it becoming the go-to choice for disaster recovery solutions with many organizations? This quick guide covers the essentials you need to know about Zerto and how to utilize its advantages for your business.

What is Zerto and What Do They Provide?

Zerto is a software company that offers disaster recovery solutions (among many others), helping businesses protect their data, applications, and workloads across hybrid cloud environments. Their platform emphasizes continuity and resilience, allowing businesses to bounce back swiftly from disruptions. Their key offerings include:

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR):

A tool that provides continuous replication of virtual machines with minimal impact on performance.

Zerto IT Resilience Platform:

A comprehensive solution that integrates disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility in one simple, scalable platform.

3 Challenges You Can Tackle with Zerto’s Disaster Recovery

The world of technology is full of challenges that can jeopardize an organization’s operations. Some of these challenges include:

  • Data Loss: Whether due to human error, malicious attacks, or system failures, data loss can be catastrophic.
  • Downtime: In an age where customers demand 24/7 availability, downtime can harm reputation and revenue.
  • Complex Recovery Processes: Traditional recovery methods can be cumbersome, slow, and often unreliable.

Zerto’s DR solutions address these challenges head-on. With continuous data replication, businesses can recover data from mere seconds before a disruption. Their platform also ensures swift recovery, minimizing downtime.

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Benefits of Zerto’s Disaster Recovery Solutions

1. Speedy Recovery: Zerto’s continuous data protection allows for rapid recovery, often within minutes.

2. Simplicity: With its streamlined interface, IT teams can manage and execute recovery processes with ease.

3. Flexibility: Zerto supports multi-cloud environments, giving businesses the freedom to choose where they store and manage their data.

4. Scalability: From small businesses to global enterprises, Zerto’s solutions can be tailored to fit varying needs and sizes.

Why Choose Zerto Disaster Recovery Over Other Options on the Market?

When compared with other DR solutions, Zerto stands out in several key areas:


Zerto adapts DR strategies to keep recovery objectives as low as possible, preventing data loss almost entirely.

Continuous Data Protection

Unlike snapshot-based solutions, Zerto offers continuous replication, ensuring minimal data loss during a disaster.

Journal-Based Recovery

This feature allows businesses to rewind to multiple points in time, ensuring the restoration of the most accurate data version.

Automated Failover and Failback

Reducing the manual tasks associated with recovery, Zerto automates processes, reducing the room for human error.

Integrated Analytics

With real-time and historical analytics, businesses can better monitor their infrastructure and make informed decisions.

Ready to utilize Zerto to keep your business protected? Great! Let’s talk.

Zimcom + Zerto Partnership = Unparalleled Support and Protection

Zimcom, with nearly 25 years in the business of internet and cloud solutions, recognized the potential of Zerto to further strengthen our disaster recovery solution offering. The decision to forge a partnership with Zerto was driven by a mutual commitment to deliver unparalleled resilience and continuity to businesses. Zerto’s proven track record in providing continuous data protection, combined with its innovative approach to recovery — characterized by real-time replication and streamlined automation — resonated with Zimcom’s mission to offer our clients nothing short of the best. We valued Zerto’s capability to provide a low RPO/RTO solution for businesses that can’t afford costly downtime or data loss.. This partnership underscores Zimcom’s dedication to enhancing our service offerings and fortifying business operations for our clients in the face of potential digital threats.

Why Companies Choose Zimcom for Top-tier Disaster Recovery Solutions

Everyone loves free stuff. That’s why we offer potential clients a complimentary 30-day trial to experience the difference of Zimcom + Zero disaster recovery solutions. Here’s why many other businesses have chosen us for their backup and recovery needs:

Predictable Monthly Expenses

With Zimcom, there’s transparency in billing. You won’t be bound by long-term contracts or surprised with hidden charges. What you see is what you get.

Uncompromised Security and Regular Assessments

Our commitment to safety means frequent tests and the deployment of advanced tools designed to combat cyber threats. This ensures that your data is not only available, but also secure.

Dedicated Support from Trusted Professionals

Reach out, and we’re here for you. Our team is ready to address your concerns or answer queries promptly. Your peace of mind is our priority.

User-friendly Management Interface

For businesses with in-house IT teams, our intuitive portal provides an easy way to oversee and activate disaster recovery services as needed. Your IT staff can take control seamlessly.

Be Prepared for Anything with Zimcom + Zerto

Zimcom’s disaster recovery solutions are not just about bouncing back after disruptions. Our partnership with Zerto represents a commitment to ensuring seamless business continuity, resilience, and agility. In a market flooded with DR solutions, Zerto’s offerings shine bright, making it a preferred choice for forward-thinking organizations. If safeguarding data and ensuring its constant availability are top priorities for your business, reach out to Zimcom to finally achieve peace of mind today.