AWS vs. Azure Pricing and Support vs. Zimcom

AWS vs. Azure pricing, AWS vs. Azure support, managed cloud services, secure cloud hosting

When it comes to choosing a managed cloud services provider, two names often dominate the conversation: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. These tech behemoths have created highly versatile platforms that offer a plethora of services. However, the burning question that continues to baffle most businesses is, “Which platform offers better value?” Surprise: the […]

Secure Cloud Hosting Checklist – 7 Essentials to Protect Your Business

Img blog secure cloud hosting checklist 7 essentials to protect your business

Many businesses struggle to right-size their cybersecurity. They don’t know what a robust secure cloud hosting solution entails and worry they’re exposed. Or they underestimate the threat and don’t put enough protections in place. You shouldn’t play guessing games with cybersecurity – you should know your business is safe. As a leading provider of secure […]