Zimcom: Top Cloud Infrastructure Provider in Cincinnati

Why Businesses in Cincinnati Need Secure Cloud Services

The need for trusted cloud infrastructure providers in Cincinnati intensifies as the city continues to grow as a hub for commerce and innovation. Businesses require strong digital infrastructure for security and growth. Explore why choosing the right cloud services provider is paramount for your business.

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Discover the transformative power of the cloud, a pivotal tool to not only streamline your business operations but also to create a secure foundation for the future.

Data Protection Cincinnati businesses require strong and secure encryption and backup. Ensure your data is shielded from breaches, solidifying trust with stakeholders.

Scalability Business growth demands adaptive cloud resources. Benefit from services that scale with your needs, optimizing efficiency without hidden expenses.

Continuity Operational disruptions can be costly. Benefit from disaster recovery solutions that guarantee swift recovery, minimizing downtime and financial setbacks.

Cost Efficiency Transition to the cloud and witness the savings. Reduce expenses related to physical servers and upkeep. With a pay-as-you-go model, you spend only on consumed resources.

Collaboration Cloud solutions facilitate real-time access and teamwork. Regardless of location, teams can collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Zimcom’s Range of Secure Cloud Services

Among the number of cloud infrastructure providers in Cincinnati, Zimcom is the premier cloud partner, providing everything from cost-effective hosting to iron-clad data security. With transparent pricing, customized solutions and top-tier support, businesses can confidently elevate their operations with us.

Businesses that partner with Zimcom are empowered to focus on growth, knowing their digital foundation is secure and resilient. Don’t just get any cloud solution, get the right one. Here’s what we offer:

Public Cloud

Zimcom’s cloud surge platform redefines cost-effective secure cloud hosting with unmatched transparency and performance. Use our cloud pricing calculator to get an accurate estimate for your cloud needs.

Private Cloud

We provide unmatched security and control, surpassing typical data centers. With tailored offerings and cost savings, elevate your IT game confidently.

Cloud Desktops

Boost your business with cloud desktop service (CDS), offering universal access and predictable IT costs. Enjoy benefits like remote access, enhanced security and extended PC lifespan.

Cloud Migration

Transform cloud migration with a seamless, cost-effective approach, ensuring business data security and minimizing disruption. Partnering with us offers unmatched protection, efficiency and tailored solutions.

Web Hosting

Experience effortless web hosting with Zimcom, harnessing industry-leading tools for intuitive server management. Whether you’re on a budget with shared hosting or need enhanced site protection, we offer tailored solutions with top-tier support, ensuring your website’s performance and security.

Disaster Recovery

Secure your business with disaster recovery, acting as an insurance policy against downtime from unforeseen calamities. With our 5-minute failover promise, experience rapid data restoration to the cloud, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum protection for your critical systems.

Cloud Backup

Leverage our cloud backup for instant online recovery without full backup downloads. In just three steps with our service, ensure seamless backups and effortless restores from the cloud, providing robust swift application recovery and protection against data loss.

Office 365 Backup

Zimcom’s team-powered Microsoft 365 backups ensure businesses remain in control of their data, even amid unpredictable events.

Data Security

We offer industry-leading data protection with 30-day backups included in our storage pricing, ensuring no hidden costs for essential services. Beyond backups and data encryption, our comprehensive enterprise cloud platform and security solutions encompass multi-factor authentication, protection, firewalls, vulnerability scans and advanced ransomware safeguards, positioning us as a more cost-effective yet robust alternative to major players.

Colocation Services

Our colocation service offers secure space in our high-availability data centers, ensuring your equipment is safe, online and monitored 24/7, with options ranging from partial racks to private cages in our datacenters in Detroit or Cincinnati. Benefit from our amenities like 24/7 access, carrier-neutral connectivity, high-availability power and efficient traffic management, all customizable to your specific needs.

Connectivity Services

Zimcom offers reliable, multi-homed internet connectivity through a network boasting superior redundancy. We ensure fast, secure point-to-point connectivity with flexible bandwidth choices, monitored around the clock and backed by a performance SLA.

Why Choose Zimcom Among Cloud Infrastructure Providers in Cincinnati?

Since 1999, Zimcom has been a dependable internet and cloud solutions partner for small businesses to large enterprises. While other cloud infrastructure providers in Cincinnati jumped on the cloud bandwagon without proper support, Zimcom evolved, enhancing skillsets and solutions. In fact, we recently won a spot on the 2023 Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America due to our consistent growth year after year.

Our emphasis isn’t just on cloud services, but security, unparalleled customer support, cost-savings, 30-day backups, hassle-free migration, transparent invoicing, secure cloud hosting and a steadfast 5-minute failover promise. Why wrestle with cloud issues when you can focus on running your business? We aren’t just your service vendor; we’re your partner for success.