Cloud Migration: Zimcom’s Solutions for VMware Customers

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Amongst all the perpetual moving and shaking in the tech industry, one recent acquisition has been particularly notable, especially for those involved with cloud migration: Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware. This move has sparked concerns among VMware users – including direct VMware clients and managed service provider (MSP) resellers – regarding potential changes in service offerings, pricing models, and available support.  

Here we unpack some of the common questions and concerns resulting from the Broadcom/VMware merger and advise on how Zimcom can support organizations through these changes. 

Common Questions Arising From the Broadcom/VMware Acquisition 

As the tech world buzzes with discussions surrounding the Broadcom/VMware acquisition, here are some common questions that have repeatedly surfaced. 

How will existing VMware customers be impacted? 

VMware’s customer list is extensive (exceeding 100,000 organizations) and ranges from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Given that, it is no wonder that the Broadcom-VMware merger raises concerns about service reductions, staffing cuts leading to lack of support, and substantial price increases. Similar scenarios have occurred in the past, as seen with Symantec’s abandonment of a significant user base, leaving customers scrambling for alternatives. 

Another significant concern for existing VMware customers is the elimination of perpetual licenses in favor of an annual subscription model.  Early indications from customers are showing the possibility of massive price increases with some reportedly ranging in upwards of 450%. With current VMWare support contracts being converted to the new subscription-based model as they expire, many customers are re-thinking their digital strategy and adoption of cloud infrastructure services. 

Cloud Service Providers are also feeling the impact of the Broadcom acquisition, with the recent announcement that the licensing model for VMWare VCPP partners will shift from vRAM memory utilization to physical CPU core calculation with an annual commit.   

What will be the implications for end-user computing? 

In light of KKR’s acquisition of Broadcom’s end user computing business, concerns arise around innovation, support, and licensing terms for VMware’s products. Businesses fear that new ownership and the complexity and fairness of VMware’s licensing agreements are cause for concern. This period of transition prompts close monitoring by VMware’s clientele who must evaluate their options to ensure that business needs continue to be met. 

What Zimcom alternatives exist? 

With all of the uncertainty surrounding VMWare, many organizations are looking to open-source solutions like KVM on OpenStack in an effort to mitigate risks associated with vendor lock-in.  Cloud adoption can be complex. But it doesn’t have to be with Zimcom as your cloud solution specialist walking you through making informed cloud choices. Zimcom offers a range of private cloud and public cloud services on KVM-based hypervisors powered by OpenStack, which provides stability and alternative pricing models. OpenStack eliminates proprietary hardware and software licensing costs, offering vendor-agnostic solutions unlike VMware’s locked-in ecosystem. 

How Zimcom Can Help 

There are several ways in which Zimcom can lend a helping hand to businesses seeking to optimize their technology stack. 

Guidance and support for VMware customers 

For businesses grappling with the prospect of a hardware refresh and looming renewal bills associated with VMware products, Zimcom provides tailored guidance and support. Leveraging our expertise and industry insights, we offer strategic solutions to address these challenges head-on.  

Evaluation of current licenses 

VMware customers should conduct a thorough assessment of their current licenses, including inventory management, refresh cycles, and renewal dates. Understanding the existing state of VMware infrastructure and management products is crucial for making informed decisions about future investments and optimizations. 

Cloud services audit and transition roadmap 

Zimcom offers a comprehensive suite of services to facilitate the modernization of IT infrastructure. Our cloud services audit provides a detailed assessment of existing systems and workflows, identifying opportunities for optimization and improvement. Leveraging this insight, we collaborate with businesses to develop a customized transition roadmap, guiding them through each step of the migration process with precision and efficiency. 

Planning for future needs 

We assist businesses in delineating their future IT requirements, especially as they approach contract renewal periods. By aligning technology investments with strategic business objectives, organizations can determine whether ongoing support contracts are necessary or if operations can continue without incurring additional expenses. 

Your Proven Partner During Changing Times 

Amidst the uncertainties of the Broadcom/VMware merger, one thing remains certain – Zimcom is a reliable partner offering stability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. By providing alternatives such as OpenStack and guiding businesses through the transition process, Zimcom addresses the concerns raised by the merger, ensuring that customers can navigate the changing landscape of the tech industry with confidence. As businesses strive to modernize their IT infrastructure and adapt to evolving market dynamics, Zimcom stands ready to support them every step of the way.